Tanglewood Farm Stables

Designed and built in The Bat Shed

About Us

We have been at Tanglewood Farm Stables for the last 25 years, initially until ten years ago renting it, and then managing to buy the 32 acres with the stable yard, splitting the yard from the original house.

We have since built a house, after spending 5 years in a mobile home and more recently Ginnie's parents have bought the original Tanglewood Farmhouse so the property is once more co-joined.

We are all therefore always on site providing 24 hour care and supervision.

We enjoy good turnout where horses go out in individual paddocks next to each other. We like all the horses to go out each day, weather permitting although sometimes this is more for our peace of mind than theirs!  

Although we have a 20m x 60m all weather school, we also have some "home made" gallops up in our 10 acre field and try to get both the eventers and youngsters hacking up there rather than just working on the school. It gives them a change and when the weather permits, we do most of our actual schooling in a grass arena up there. This equips them more for the real world!

The grown-up horses also hack on the roads but it can be busy so they often hack out in pairs.

We also have a 25m enclosed all weather lunge pen where Will spends most of his time! This is where the youngsters are all started and it has proven invaluable in the early ridden stages.

Our yard is now purpose built with stocks and solarium lamps, grooming areas and large, safe roomy stables with a high roof to maximise on ventilation.

We pride ourselves on caring for the horses and look after them as if they were our own.  The horses are always top priority to us and we finish them off at bed time stables with hay nets and feed whenever necessary, making sure they are warm and well at 9 o'clock.

We also manufacture horse box protections mats which are customised to fit and protect your horse vehicles. See www.horseboxprotectionmats.co.uk.

Will & Ginnie Turnbull